Hey, I'm Lucas! 💻

Hi, my name is Lucas, I'm a 20 years software developer deeply into Game Development and with a deep love to python, I live in Rio de janeiro - Brazil, and I also like RF Systems, Eletronics, RC, Aviation and Math.

My Projects! 📕

CraftManager ✅

CraftManager is a modpack manager designed to save your time. If you're tired of losing time changing modpacks and managing them to the folders they belong, use this app to easily choose wich modpack you're going to use and just start gaming.

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OrdoRealitas Bot 🤖

An unofficial discord bot made to optmize online role playing sessions, store you character data and roll beautiful embeds tests, Dices, and more.

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SpaceCats Studio 🪐

A indie brazilian game studio currently producing 'Yara Tale', a game about a little indigenous girl protecting his home florest.

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My Works 🎓

  • 2023 Game Jam "Criar Jogos" Winner
  • Game programming Teacher at Brazilian Ong Futuroon
  • Game Programmer at Cursed Stone, a web3 Company